May 22, 2015

San Francisco’s 1,070 ft Salesforce Tower is Going Up

Designed by Pelli Clarke Architects and formerly known as the Transbay Tower in the South of Market district of San Francisco broke ground very late 2013. This 1,070 ft tall skyscraper will be the tallest one in San Francisco and will be connect to the new transit center at it’s base. This is just shy of the height of the Empire State Building 1250 ft and about 200 ft taller than San Francisco’s Trans America Building.

“The first phase of the project will create a new five-story Transit Center with one above-grade bus level, ground-floor, concourse, and two below-grade rail levels serving Caltrain and future California High Speed Rail. Phase I will also create new bus ramp that will connect the Transit Center to a new off-site bus storage facility and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.”
“It said that taking the current Amtrak trains between east San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles now takes between 11 to 19 hours, and costs between $59 and $138 each way. That rivals the expense of a direct flight, which takes about an hour and 15 minutes in the air but more time getting to and from the plane.

By car, the journey takes at least six-and-a-half hours in the best traffic, and can cost about as much depending on the type of car, fuel and highway tolls The high speed train tickets will be similar to the cost of air travel, promoters say, and deliver people to central stations, saving more time and money.” The train will take about 2.5 Hours to get from LA to San Francisco. Pretty exciting stuff! This is a great video to check out


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