September 21, 2015

Future For Our Emergency Shelters

With more than 700,000 people being displaced by floods alone during Hurricane Katrina very few were able to stay in hotels or with relatives. Many were forced to be in unpleasant to say the least conditions such as the Superdome. Michael McDaniel had a creative breakthrough in a new Emergency Shelter pod. The pods have a 8.5’x8.5′ footprint and a are 10′ tall. They can be configure many different ways while house up to four people per pod. The design allows for 9 of them to be carried on a 18-wheller at one time. Thats 36 people to be housed per truck load at only 375 lb. per unit. With the unit being only 375 Pounds it allows for four people to easily pick the unit up and place it in a spot of necessity.


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